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WE, Randall, Tammy, and Nancy, drove a van (the use of a van was donated by Johnson Funeral Home) to Holston UM Home for Children. We loaded the van with the wonderful presents that Y104.3  listeners had provided for the kids.  We were introduced to part of the staff; and watched an informative video about HHC.  We went to the girls' cottage and enjoyed a pizza party! The girls were so friendly and entertaining.  The girls showed us around their lovely and very clean room. They sang songs, told stories, and talked.....alot!!!!  WE had fun!!!! We had a great evening that ended too soon. WE are excited about visiting them again.....soon! God Bless you for your help with the gifts"Y104.3 listeners" and the "Holston Home!"


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Randall Seaver, Nancy Lawson , and Tammy Barker